New Perfect Master 7 Pro: Upgrade for as little as $50

Newest Windows versions of CodeMaster, KeyWiz, AutoMaster and KeyManager are now FREE for up-to-date users.

And if you're currently using Perfect Master 5 or 6 you can upgrade to Perfect Master 7 Pro for as little as $50.

Treskat has been developing locksmith software since 1982. In celebration of those 33 years we are now offering new Gold label License Management Disks for Windows with two FREE licenses (a $265 value) for $95 each. Details here.

New Update: CodeMaster 7/3/15. Click Download on the menu bar.


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  • Special Orders

    Send payment for a special Treskat Order # that we discussed by email. When you get to the check out screen simply change the quantity from 1 cent to the correct amount. Ex: To send $82.00 change the quantity to 8200 (no decimal). You will see the correct price before you complete the transaction.

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